Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45
Zbee RS45

Zbee comes in the form of a passenger vehicle and a goods vehicle. Energy and cost-efficient, it will solve your transportation worries.

With Zbee we want to show the value of a product that is suitable 90% of our everyday transportation and places it a sort of middle segment. This takes us one step up from the bicycle and one in a direction towards a more rational and suited solution than a car.


Zbee is a fully electric vehicle on three wheels; you have room for a driver and two passengers. Safety belts are available at all three seats and a ridged, specially developed fibreglass body provide optimum safety for the passengers. It is charged directly at any socket, it is just plugged and play and you will always be able to plug it, as soon as you find an electrical socket with at least 4.5A fuse.


The service requirement is minimal; there is no need for regular service as the electric power train is maintenance free. It has virtually no moving parts except for e.g. the rear wheels, which are made up by the two wheel motors. Zbee actually only consists of 270 parts in total.


Operating cost is extremely good as the consumption is as low as 0.04 kWh / km, compared to a conventional three-wheeler vehicle where the average is R0,04 per km. That is over than 5 times more effective. The main factors for low energy consumption are the size and weight of the vehicle. With its 280kg and about 1.2m in width makes it the lightest and leanest in its class.

 Reserve your Zbee 

You can now place your order for your very own Zbee RS, Cargo or Cargo+. 


Your order will be used to further communicate the vehicle pricing with you and to process your payment for when we enable the function.


Be one of the first to drive around in a Zbee and save the environment with one Zbee at a time. 


Priced from R90 000 for the Zbee RS45 (ex VAT).


Priced from R110 000 for the Zbee CG45 (ex VAT).

The supply is limited in the first months, made-to-order bikes will be built and delivered in monthly batches. The bike is street legal in the EU and South Africa.


Delivery starts in late 2020.


Reservation Fee R2 500 (USD$ 170)

Finance and Insurance will be made available from South Africa's leading financial institution. 


Check Terms & Conditions for your local pricing.


Shipping prices are not included.



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