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Zbee Subscription

Rev up your journey with Green Scooter's new vehicle leasing and campaign hire! Step into the future and discover if you're eligible to Lease or Lease-to-Buy a Zbee by filling out our quick form. We're committed to reviewing your details and will circle back to you within 24 hours.

Here’s how you can get closer to the Zbee experience:

  1. Submit with Ease - Start by providing your information through our user-friendly online form.

  2. Fast Tracking - We're on it! Our team is dedicated to processing your application swiftly.

  3. Document Ready - Have your recent (3-month) verification documents like your ID, driver's license, and bank statements prepared for a smooth validation process.


Remember, as a burgeoning startup, our goal is to expedite your access to our queue. 

Take the Leap - Fill out the form now and be on your way to driving your very own Zbee.


Drive the Change - Visit us to get started and shift into high gear with Green Scooter.

Subscribe today

By entering my account details above, I agree to be contacted about Green Scooter products, including through automated calls or texts. This is not a condition of purchase.

Embark on a greener path with our flexible leasing options for the innovative Zbee. For just R5,354 per month (including VAT), you can enjoy the convenience and sustainability of electric mobility with a minimum commitment of just three months, and the freedom to extend up to 36 months.

Alternatively, choose our Lease-to-Buy plan and make the Zbee yours forever! At an affordable R7,629 per month over 24 months, it's more than a lease; it's a step towards owning your eco-friendly ride.

Our leasing calculator gives you a transparent view of your monthly costs without the hidden fees. Taxes and additional fees are not included in the estimate, keeping the process straightforward and trustworthy. Please remember, leasing is subject to approval, and while you typically return the Zbee at the lease's conclusion, with us, you have the opportunity to negotiate terms that could lead to ownership.

For those looking to make a longer-term investment, we invite you to explore our Lease-to-Buy option. This personalized plan gives you the flexibility to eventually own the Zbee at a value determined at the lease's end, subject to Scooter's approval.

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your travel. Choose the lease that suits your lifestyle and possibly turn it into a permanent change with our Lease-to-Buy offering. Let's drive towards a sustainable future together.

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